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Innovative products with expert advice and professional service

Sales & Products

Mudex have a full range of competitively priced products to suit all drilling conditions and industry-expert staff with full product knowledge. When talking to Mudex staff you can be comfortable in knowing that they are able to provide the most accurate and cost effective products to suit your situation.

Mudex provides a full drilling fluid management service for your project. From the initial tender process, we work with our customers to determine the amount and type of product required, based on geology, rig capability and environmental regulations. A fluids program is generated to streamline drilling fluid performance once the project starts.


Mudex have a range of training packages, from basic to advanced mud schools and one on one or group training sessions, which are carried out onsite or in a class environment. Mud Schools, or Mud Workshops, are a great way for your drillers to learn about drilling fluids and their application, to improve drilling efficiency and cut fluid consumption costs.

Research & Development and Testing

Mudex has a fully equipped R&D laboratory and chemist who conducts detailed water and product analyses while monitoring strict QA & QC systems. Mudex has the capabilities to enhance an existing product, improving efficiencies, or uncover an innovative solution.  Our goal is to use the Mudex research and development capabilities to constantly improve products and develop innovative drilling fluids.


Unlike most other drilling fluid companies, Mudex has its own manufacturing facilities and Intellectual Property, giving it the ability to swiftly alter formulations to suit geological or environmental situations or manufacture one off specialty products to suit a customer’s specific needs.

Technical Support

All Mudex staff have a background in drilling and extensive training in drilling fluids and are able offer professional and solid advice on reducing costs and minimising down hole problems.

During all project stages, technical support is available 24/7 via phone, internet and site visits. Our technical support team ensures that the customer uses the best products for their situation, whether environmental, logistics, economical and mixing considerations.

Global Logistics

Mudex logistical staff have extensive experience within the drilling industry and are able to organise prompt and efficient delivery to any site anywhere in the world. Mudex have warehouses in Perth and all major capitals in Australia, plus several regional depots.

With our partners NorthStar Fluid Solutions, we offer world-class solutions for our clients no matter the location. We can move what you need, when you need it, in a cost effective, safe and secure manner.

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